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Shipping policy

Please note there are Royal Mail Strikes on November 30th aswell as December 1st, 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 23rd and the 24th. Therefore you may face a delay in your order being dispatched. This will mainly affect UK orders. It is likely there will be a slower service until the end of the year due number of orders in the postal system and the strikes. We appreciate your patience, we are processing and dispatching orders as fast as possible.
Before placing your order, please click here to check that parcels can still be delivered to your location. This is a fast paced and constantly changing situation, so we strongly recommend that you keep an eye out for further updates by the courier services we use, as well as your country’s government.

However, international tracked and untracked post may be subject to delays or restrictions. These may be caused by changes in transport procedures (e.g. border controls), changes in international transport (e.g. cancellation of previously used flight connections), changes in delivery procedures in the destination country (e.g. quarantine or other protective measures) and more.

  • For the latest updates by Royal Mail, please see here.
  • For the latest updates by DPD, please see here.
  • For the latest updates by Deutsche Post please see here
  • For the latest updates by DHL please see here.
  • For the latest updates by USPS, please see here.


Please note: All deliveries are handled by shipping couriers. Therefore all times given below are estimated delivery times. There is a small chance that your delivery may come earlier or later than specified.

Please ensure that your address is correct at checkout.

Any failed deliveries will be cancelled.

In the event of any failed delivery, the cost of the item only, will be automatically refunded to the card used at checkout, once it is sent back to our warehouse.


Final shipping fees are calculated at checkout based on weight and location.


Untracked: Starting from: £2.65

Tracked: Starting from: £3.50


Untracked: Starting from: £3.75

Tracked: Starting from: £8.00

Express: Starting from: £12.00

United States:

Untracked: Starting from: £5.00

Tracked: Starting from: £10.50

Express: Starting from: £16.00


Untracked: Starting from: £3.00

Tracked: Starting from: £8.30

Express: Starting from: £19.00

South America:

Untracked: Starting from: £3.75

Tracked: Starting from: £6.85

Express: Starting from: £39.00


Untracked: Starting from: £3.00

Tracked: Starting from: £7.30

Express: Starting from: £22.00


Untracked: Starting from: £3.75

Tracked: Starting from: £6.85

Express: Starting from: £29.00


Untracked: Starting from: £3.50

Tracked: Starting from: £9.30

Express: Starting from: £29.00


As our goods are shipped from the UK, and the UK has now left the European Union, there may now be additional charges to pay on delivery of your goods. Please read and note the below.


VAT will now be payable in EU countries where the customer resides – rates vary from country to country but average 20%. VAT will be payable on delivery of the parcel in the local country. The customer will have an invoice attached to the shipment for payment.

The Low Value Consignment relief provisions apply until June 2021 – until then you can sell purchases goods under the value of €22 without VAT being applicable.

To find the VAT rate in your local country please use this link –

Duty and Tariffs

When ordering internationally you may have to pay import duty depending on what you’ve ordered and its declared value.

Import duty is a tax that may be imposed by your country’s government on goods from other countries, so unfortunately this is not something we can control.

When sending parcels to the EU from the UK, Duty is only payable for any orders over €150 in value. Duty may apply to restricted goods, including alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Duty will be based on the type and material of each good, and the location the customer resides in. The customer will have an invoice attached to the shipment for payment.

Please use this website to look up potential payable duty charges

It is not guaranteed that there will be a duty charge, its dependant on each shipment and each customs official around the world.


Where Is My Order Or Has It Been Dispatched?

Please check the email account used to purchase your item/s to find the dispatch confirmation email.

If you can’t find your email, try the following:

  1. Check your junk/ spam folders
  2. Search your email for, MORSIA, your order number, name of items purchased.

Why Is My Item Taking Longer Than Specified?

All deliveries are handled by our chosen courier service. Therefore we cannot give you a specific answer, however the following situations can sometimes cause deliveries to take a little longer.

  1. Busy courier service depots can sometimes get so busy that parcels at delayed whilst they wait to be scanned and processed.
  2. If you are located a long distance from the depot it can take an extra 1-2 days for items to be delivered. The further you are, the longer it takes by road.
  3. International orders can face delays whilst being checked at customs, then passed to different facilities before they make it to your address.

My Order Has Been Dispatched And Not Arrived?

If your order has not arrived, please check with your neighbours and your local post office/ depot. Your courier may have forgotten to leave a missed delivery card.

My Tracking Number Is Not Working Or Saying Pending?

Tracking numbers are dealt with by the courier company. Your tracking number may take a while to update.

Please call the courier company if the problem persists, we have no control over delivery once the package has left our warehouse.

If you are based outside of the U.K. your delivery is passed on to your local delivery service such as USA>USPS.

Delivery Updates

You will be able to see the status on the tracking number.

Each country and courier company provide different levels of tracking, so you may not be able to see step-by-step delivery updates.

If you have any other questions, please check FAQ


Returned to Seller Orders

Some orders may be stopped and returned to seller by the postal provider / courier service. In this case, customers are offered 2 options:

  1. A full refund: issued upon receipt of the parcel at our distribution centre
  2. Items re-dispatched: upon receipt of the parcel at our distribution centre, your purchase will be re-dispatched. Customers will be asked before dispatch to re – confirm their shipping address and a possible addition of a phone number to ensure the postal service / courier service can contact the customer directly in the case of any further queries relating to delivery

The length of time it takes for a parcel to arrive can vary. We have two distribution centres in the UK and USA. We aim to deliver all orders within 2-7 days depending on delivery address and country. Please note that this is a guide and deliveries can take less or more time.


Returning Orders after delivery

Please review our refund policy located here.

Should you wish to return an item and claim a refund, please refer to the refund policy. Downloadable software products are non-refundable. Items returned must meet the returns policy and shipping is paid by the customer.

For sanitary reasons, items must be returned in their original packaging. Failure to do so will result in a refund not being issued. Please contact us if you believe you have received incorrect and defective items.